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  • Elektrický Skúter 85km/h 70 km Dual motor &Hydraulické Brzdové 60V 26ah batérie Limousine

  • Pôvod: CN(Pôvodu)
  • Druh: Elektrický Skateboard
  • Rada Category: Ploché Dosky
  • Platné Ľudí: MUŽI
  • Materiál: zliatiny hliníka


Christin Nippe
Real beast this is and also good looking. Definitely would recommend experience of driving this roller for adrenaline junkies.
After 3 months of waiting, she arrived! Beautiful, she is great! The cardboard was torn but nothing serious, the handle and the crutch are scratched by the transport. For this delivery from China, the seller m offered 1 pair of road tires, at the top thank you. The scooter is very well mounted, I checked the bolts and great. I drove 50km and incredible. The SCOOTER has 3 speeds, in single or double engine. One rifle! I stopped at 70 km/h! I was scared because the scooter tangued from right to left. I will adjust the front shock absorber because it is too soft. Disc brakes are really high performance. After 50km, the scooter was slightly warm but nothing compared to the trip made in the woods! Finally, another surprise, the seller m offered a spare part!! A second accelerator with his dial. Thank you for this spare part. Seller and scooter sk3 at the top, I highly recommend. Super Professional

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Štítky: longboard, muži skateboards, časti citycoco, electr skúter, brzdy tektro, m365 xiao, kugoo, príslušenstvo skútre, elektrické skútre, 60v batérie panel, vody hydraulické.

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